Keep calm and Let’s Drink 5 Things you can drink with no worries of weight gain and away from diabetes

Water is the best drink ever, but just water sometimes is not enough to heal your thirst and to brighten your day. We got some alternatives that will make your beverage routine exciting while can keep you healthy and away from Diabetes!


It’s absolutely BEST and most friendly drink ever. If you feel cold drink it warm, if the weather is too hot you might drink with ice. I know you might feel sick drinking too much pain water, so why not making it more interesting. You may add some health-friendly ingredients like slice of fruits- lemon, lime or berries into your glass of water.


A pain tea or sometimes combines your cup of tea with herbs. A research shows that green tea has positive effects on your health as well as it can lower LDL cholesterol level. A cup of tea would be nice but not a sweetened milk tea.


This is another great option. Some research shows that drinking coffee can also lower the risk of diabetes especially in people who drank 3-4 cups per day. For the one who concern about caffeine level can feel free and grab the decaf to try. It would be the same on this great benefit.

4.Fruit/ Vegetable Juice

Fruit and vegetable generally have great benefit themselves both vitamin and mineral. So, you can turn those benefits into your glass and just drink. But please avoid adding extra sugar or seeking for sugar-free if you buy it from supermarket.

 5.Low-fat Milk

Last but not least, dairy products contain protein and helpful minerals, but they also have fat and carbohydrates as well. Please choose unsweetened and low-fat choice of milk to add variety to your diet while keep in mind limited to not more than 2 glasses a day.

Cozy Cup Beverage Break Clean Afternoon


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