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Plastic Surgery Center
Our center is a full-service plastic surgery practice with experienced specialists and staff in state-of-the-art accredited facilities.You are about to take the first steps towards improving your appearance and enhancing your self-image by learning about contemporary plastic surgery. Learn more

EKI-IVF Fertility & Genetic Center
Many couples are ready to build up next step of their own family, but many factors influence a couple’s ability to conceive. Difficulties in conceiving childbirth can also be an emotional challenge affecting the relationship. Learn more

Ophthalmology Center
Our Eye Center has built its reputation upon delivering the highest quality medical and surgical outcomes, provided by a team of professional, ethical, and compassionate doctors and staff. Learn more

Obstertrics and Gynaecology Center
We offer women the highest level of care at all stages of their lives. With convenient locations, including the very good Pregnancy Care, Gynecology, Oncology Detection, Birth Control Services, Infertility Technology, Golden Age, Mammography, 4D Ultrasound , Bone Densitometry, Thin-Pep Prep Testand Biopsy. Learn more

Pediatrics Center
Our Pediatric Clinic provides 24-hour comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for our young patients, with a loving care as our family member, by experienced pediatricians competent in all areas of pediatric practice. Learn more

Orthopedics Center
Is one of Thailand’s leading specialty centers providing the latest in sports medicine, total joint knee and hip replacement and physical therapy. We take care of every orthopedic condition for the young and old alike. Whether your goal is to return to work, improve your athletic performance or recover from an injury, our orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, family medicine physicians and therapists work together to provide you with the most comprehensive care available. Learn more

General Surgery Center
The general surgeons in our center have dedicated themselves to the advancement of their field including numerous hours of training and continuing education in minimally invasive surgery techniques for various diseases such as Abnormal Cyst or Tumor, Acute Abdominal Pain such as Appendicitis or Gut Obstruction, Gall Stone, Hemorrhoids, Hernia, Injury Wound and Varicose Vein. Learn more

Emergency Center
Our Emergency Center features a full service, state-of-the-art emergency services and trauma 24/7. A full team of onsite nurses, physicians, and surgeons who are specialized in emergency care. Dedicated radiologists, reads scans and x-rays of emergency patients and laboratory support personnel who help in assessment and diagnosis. Learn more

Health Promotion Center
Our Health Promotion is one method which gives healthy lifestyle preferences and a factor not only to the reduction of illness, but also to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. We seek to boost quality and years of healthy life and get rid of health imbalances. Learn more

Our Hemodialysis Center at Ekachai is wide and equipped with modern technology consists of 14 stations in dialysis unit. The experienced physicians and trained health care professionals provide acute and chronic therapy. It also delivers the optimal medical support for the patient with acute or chronic renal failure or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Dental Center
We provide quality dental care for you and your family to all ages of patients from infants to adults. Highly qualified and trained dentists, integrate with the latest advancements in dental technology that will provide you the best dental care that you need. Learn more

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists at Ekachai are dedicated to providing services in all patient care units. We offer examination, evaluation and treatment to patients with injuries, functional limitations, disability and diseases. Our goal is to improve each patient’s underlying impairment and help them return to more independent or to work within their functional limitations. Learn more

Pre-Employment Check Up
Pre-employment Check Up is beneficial in helping to screen and select the best applicant for jobs. Ekachai Hospital gives you effective, reliable and valid results to our valued companies. We can also send the results direct to your company for your convenience. Learn more

Mobile Check up Center
Our Mobile Check Up at Ekachai Hospital offering employee physical abilities tests. The physical abilities test helps reduce workplace injuries, hiring unqualified applicants and to validate an individual to perform the job functions. We focus on employee screening services including physical check up, drug tests, DOT exam, vaccination and employment related to tests. Learn more

Internal Medicine Clinic
The Medical Clinic at Ekachai Hospital is home to a complete range of physicians of all specialties such as: Endocrinology, Hematology, Nutrition, Neurology ,Nephrology and internal Medicine. Learn more

Aesthetic & Dermatology Center
At Ekachai Skin and Laser Center, we offer only the finest and most advanced products to ensure that you get the best possible results. All of our products are dermatologist approved and clinically proven. Learn more

Child and Teen Development Center
To raise someone up is not easy even your own little one. There are so many details to observe and take care of. Development of children and teenagers is really fast, but you need to catch up. Learn more

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