Health Promotion Center

Health promotion center at Ekachai hospital serves many health check programs that suitable for specified ages. Experienced and full time specialists as well as state-of-art technology and equipments in our center are ready for ONE STOP SERVICE. Our precisely and timely based examination is able to support more than 6,000 people per year. Moreover, examination rooms in Ekachai hospital are qualified by Department of Medical Sciences. In case any disorder found, specialist in those area would be ready for you for further diagnosis with proper treatment and consultation. Ekachai hospital designs 5 Standard Health Check Programs that cover all needs and risks for all age-ranges. Furthermore, there are also health check programs for specific areas such as Liver function test, Cancer screening, Heart health check, Pre-marriage health check program and Comprehensive Program (for female-over40). You also request for Medical Certificate used for applying to study or work both domestically and internationally. Our Services You are able to choose our Special Price Packages or tailor your own health check program.

  • Complete Liver Function Test Program
  • Cancer Screening Program
  • Heart Health Check Program
  • Comprehensive Program – for female 40+
  • Pre-marriage Health Check Program


  • Health Care Program 1

This program is specific on No Risk Group (Teenage) who concern on health and has not been through any health check program before.

  • Health Care Program 2

This program focuses on Low Risk Group (Start working person) who is generally healthy, but heath concern.

  •  Health Care Program 3

This program is suitable for Middle Risk Group who regularly concern for own health.

  • Health Care Program 4

This program is recommended for High Risk Group who is lack of sleep and stressful.

  • Health Care Program 5

This comprehensive program is designed for especially health-concerned which considered in High Risk Group. The package also

  • Other Health Check List

You are able to make consultation with our doctors to recommend the most suitable program for you. In case that any health-related problems have been found, you could receive the further medical examination from our specialists and physicians. We welcome to offer option for you to make consultation with our doctors as well to recommend the most suitable program for you.

Other Servicese from our center

–          Health check program and health certificate for use in government offices and private organizations:

  • Work permit
  • Study abroad
  • Job/ Career application *Remark: Our medical checkup for abroad-worker can be used internationally, except 4 countries; Saudi Arabia, Israel, Brunei and Taiwan.


–  Additional health check apart from your previous certificate

– Medical checkup to register for life insurance

–  Annual health check for any priority such as The Wisdom card holder– Kasikornbank –

–  Employee Medical Check-up (Individual or Group)

–  Medical Check-up for Working Abroad

–  Medical Check-up for Visa Application and Work Permit

Examination Room and Facilities

  • Private checkup room
  • Blood test room
  • EKG test room
  • EST test room
  • Radiology center
  • Private waiting area
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Beverage Self-service

Location: 2nd Floor Service hours: Mon – Sun Daily 07:00 am – 05:00 pm Contact: Tel. 034-417-999 or 1715 ext.122, 124  Fax. 034-417-906

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