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Choices of Health Check Up for Company and Organization

Health Checkup Service could be done at our hospital (Health Promotion Center), your company or other places assigned (Mobile Check Up Center).

Our Services

Ekachai Hospital’s Mobile Check Up Center consists of :

Team of experienced physicians, qualified nurses and trained personnel are ready to conduct health care service and health check-up program at your company or customer-assigned place with our Mobile Check Up Center (MCU). We are able to conduct services throughout Thailand. Our current customers are both public and private organization. Moreover, we also provide other services essential to the workplace such as First Aid Training and CPR Training.

Health Promotion Center

You can find ONE STOP SERVICE health check up in comfortable and warmth environment with professional and friendly service at Ekachai Hospital.

Mobile Check Up Center

Step 1. Registration

  • Health check-up registration using barcode system to ensure accuracy. Recipients need to show their company ID card for our staff to register with barcode system for accuracy and to receive document and equipment using in check-up procedure then sign for the check-up.

Step 2. Weight and Height Measurement

  • Weight and height are measured to calculate for BMI.


Step 3. Blood Pressure Measurement

  • Blood pressure is measured by the nurse’s aide and general health condition is asked for record and further diagnosis.


Step 4. Blood Drawing

  • Recipients give the tube received from Registration (Step 1) to the nurse and name on the tube will be reviewed for accuracy for blood test.

Step 5. Physical Examination

  • Doctor checks on recipient to assess health conditions and describe any symptom of illness occurring with the recipient. And, the doctor might ask some further information using in diagnosis and health problem consultation.

Step 6. Spirometry

  • The pulmonary function test that measure the recipient’s breath
  • This measures lung function, specifically the amount (volume) of air that can be inhaled and exhales. Spirometry is helpful in assessing breathing patterns that able to identify lung problems.


Step 7. Audiometry

  • To check the hearing ability of the recipients.


Step 8. Visual Test

  • To check on the abilities to see. This method is to measure the recipient’s eyesight (near and long distance) and to check color-blindness conditions , eye-muscular balance and visual acuity. including visual range. Visual test is suitable for the employee especially using eyesight in their jobs such as QC staff or the one using computer for long period of time – diamond cutting job and etc.

Step 9. Muscular Strength Test

  • To measure strength of the muscle related to job requirement especially workers that need to lift heavy objects or use power in grabbing things.

Step 10. Chest X-ray

  • To conduct chest x-ray examination, we use the x-ray mobile checkup unit that process the result in digital system (up to 9 million pixels): convenient, fast and 99.99% result guarantee successful.

Step 11. Urine Collection

  • To check on kidney function and assess chemical found in urine.


Step 12. Electrocardiography (ECG)

  • ECG is to detect any cardiac problems and suitable for the employees who are 35 years old or above.


Step 13. Bone Density Test

  • This test helps to estimate the density of your bones and your chance of breaking a bone. A bone density test can diagnose osteoporosis which leads stooped posture and bone fracture. This is recommended for the employees who are 35 years old or above.

Step 14. Per vaginal examination (PV)

  • PV exam is suitable for female employee who are 35 years old or above. This group of employee should receive PV exam at least once a year due to cervical cancer is Top 10 women’s disease. There is a chance to be completely cured if cervical cancer is found in the early stage,


Lists of Laboratory Test

1. Physical Examination

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Fasting blood sugar (FBS)
  • Liver function test (SGOT, SGPT, ALK)
  • Kidney function test (BUN, CREATININE)
  • ABO blood group
  • Urinalysis (UA)
  • Uric acid

 2.  Infectious Disease Examination

  • HBS AG
  • Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL)
  • Stool Culture, Stool Exam

3. Chemical Examination 

  • ZINC (ZN)

4. Tumor Marker Test

  • Alpha-Fetoprotien (AFP)
  • Colorectal cancer – CEA
  • Prostate cancer – PSA
  • Ovarian cancer – CA 125
  • Breast cancer- CA 153
  • Pancreatic cancer,Gastric cancer – CA 199
  • Uterine cancer -THIN PREP
  • Breast cancer – (Ultrasound) MAMMOGRAM

5. Others

  • Urine drug screening test (AMPHETAMINE) and Pregnancy test (PREG TEST)


Example of Companies received our MCU services


Other Services

  1. First Aid Training


  • Preliminary first aid training ( 3-hour training):

–   First aids for bleeding cuts or wounds – Stop bleeding

–   First aid for burn injuries – Burns and Scalds

–   Bone and muscle injuries

–   Moving an injured person


  • Preliminary first aid training and CPR training (6-hour training):

–          First aids for bleeding cuts or wounds – Stop bleeding

–          First aid for burn injuries – Burns and Scalds

–          Bone and muscle injuries

–          Moving an injured person

–          CPR Training

–          Self training CPR model and other training-essential equipment provided for practical training

2. Pre-employment medical checkup

Pre-Employment Check Up is considered important for most companies as it makes you confident that your potential candidates are well-qualified to work. This can also maintain safety and healthy at your workplace.

Moreover, pre-employment check up is a key to save cost of your company such as unnecessary sick leaves and medical reimbursement for the employee each year.

3. Health care contract

This is a contract between company/ organization and our hospital that provides special rate and other privileges to their employee when received care and treatment at our hospital.  Examples of the privilege are discount of room rate and medicine. Payment method can be done by cash or invoice with the company.

4. Working-abroad medical examination

Laboratory at our hospital is qualified by the Department of Medical Sciences to conduct medical examination for foreign countries related purposes like working or studying abroad and visa acquirement.

5. Health condition re-assessment

For the employees who regain work authorities after the leave (caused by workplace; accident or disease), we also provide services to check up their readiness before they get back to work.

6. Work injury care

To treat and give medical care for the employee who received work-related injury by using workmen’s compensation and the company does not need to pre-pay these medical expenses (Social security fund’s conditions apply).


Service hours: Mon – Sat 07:00 am – 05:00 pm

To contact our Sales Officers (Company Customer Development): Tel. 1715 or 034-417999 Ext. 215, 428

K.Jay          086-3487696

K.Nang        090-9930781

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