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Why you need Pre-Employment Check Up?

Pre-Employment Check Up is considered important for most companies. To make you confident that your potential candidates are well-qualified to work. This can also maintain safety and healthy at your workplace.

Moreover, pre-employment check up is a key to save cost of your company such as unnecessary sick leaves and medical reimbursement for the employee each year.


Our Service

Criteria of pre-employment check up of each company might be different. But, the same objective is to assess health conditions and readiness of each prospective candidate. Our service includes conducting the check up and delivering the results to your company (Samutsakhon and neighbouring areas).

– Preparation before Check-Up-

Prior to Check-Up

–       Avoid any alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

–       Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check-up.
–       Lack of sleep and Consumption of alcoholic /caffeinated beverages may cause abnormal results such as blood pressure, heart beat, and body temperature. The doctor may not be able to assess if any change is a real abnormality.

–       Should wear comfortable clothing allowing access to upper arm on the check up day.

 Fasting for medical test

  • For Blood glucose test: Do not eat or drink 6 hours before blood drawing.
  • For CHOLESTERO, TRIGLYCERI, HDL, LDL: Before blood test, do not eat for 12 hours. In case of thirst, a sip of water can be allowed.
  • After blood drawing, eat and drink can be allowed. Then, you can continue other check-up.

Urine Collection

  • Collect a sample of urine “mid-stream” in a sterile container and keep the lid shut.
  • Woman should not do urine test if she is in her period. In case of necessity to do the test, staff have to be informed.

Chest X-ray

  • In case of receiving chest x-ray, please avoid metal accessories.
  • For women, please avoid brasserie with any metal parts.
  • In case of pregnancy, should not x-ray.


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