The Emergency Center at Ekachai Hospital

All emergency cases we care. We stand by 24 hours a day to respond to the emergency medical needs and accidents. Treatment is based on the importance of every second of time by physicians and trained personnel with the modern and qualified equipment.
Our Emergency Center supports all cases in Samutsakhon province and all areas in Thailand.

– 24-hour On-site Team of Emergency Physicians

– Surgery
– Anesthesiology
– Obstetrics and Gynecology
– General Internal Medicine
– Intensive Care

– Trained nurses with advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) training

– 24-hour onsite surgical team

– Multi-system medical & surgical trauma care

– Intensive care for new born babies

– 24-hour emergency room
– Private examination rooms
– Observation area
– Ambulance and critical care transport fleet
– Emergency medical services
– First aid team with transport fleet

Service Hours:
24 hours daily

Calling an Ambulance
Dial 034-427-911 (or 1715)

Try to stay calm and speak clearly to operator, some questions may be asked:
– Where is the patient?
– What is your phone number or contact for us to call back?
– Are you with the patient right now?
– Is the patient awake/ breathing?
– Does the patient have any medical problems?

In case of emergency, it may be the best to ask a Thai-speaking person close to you to speak to us and explain exactly the detail, so the ambulance can arrive without delay.

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