Message from the Chairman

slide0005_image010CaptureThe year 2017 is a year of volatility due to global economic conditions. The economic situation in Thailand is considered to be better than last year owing to the issuing policies to stimulate the economy by the Government. Given the competitive situation in the private hospital sector, emphasis is placed on capacity development, maintenance and service, investment in cutting-edge equipment, personnel development. Customers from overseas are still interested in using the service because the hospitals in Thailand have the professional standard of treatment and the treatment price is not very high. It is expected that Thailand’s economic growth in 2018 is likely to improve in a better direction. In the year 2017, Ekachai Medical Public Company Limited, which operates Ekachai Hospital, is able to continue to achieve satisfactory results in accordance with the policy and strategy. The company has invested in the infertility center and started construction of a new pediatric center. Along with the development of medical services and personnel with expertise and experience, we are committed to providing our patients with both physical and mental holistic treatment to receive the best treatment possible. Our management strictly adheres to good corporate governance, ethics, honesty, transparency, treat all stakeholders equally and Social and Environmental Responsibility in accordance with the concept of Green Hospital. Moreover, it also prepares for investment in projects that will happen in the future. In March 2016, the Company submitted its intention to join the Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption network in order to gain confidence and trust from the stakeholders of the Company and Thai society. Finally, on behalf of the board of directors, management, physicians, nurses, and staff, we would like to thank our shareholders, customers, and business partners for their confidence and trust. The company pledged that we will continue to do business based on corporate governance, to develop our capabilities, expertise, and service, and sustainable development, as well as the hospital’s determination of “Healing hands with caring hearts”

Yours sincerely


(Admiral SurasakRounroengrom)

Chairman of the board February 26, 2018